Greetings Brides to Be:

Picture this… a church full of people, and it’s 3pm for a 2pm ceremony… but where is the bride? She is rushing to get ready… what happened?

Why have an “On-Location” Hair Stylist, right? Wouldn’t it just be easier to “just go to the salon”???


Here’s why you should consider having your Hair Stylist, come to your location…


Your Wedding Day is a Very Important Day; usually the most important day in your entire life, other than the day that you were born. There is a natural desire for things to run smoothly on your Special Day. Matter of fact, you want your Wedding Day to be PERFECT, and that’s just fine and dandy, because you are the Queen/Princess (and also the Ruler of the Universe) for the day. So, if you can have your hair done without having to “go anywhere” you should.  Have you ever used Rush Delivery? Upgraded a Hotel Room or Rental Car? “Bedazzled” something just because you knew you could? Think of it this way; you are making the Executive Decision to minimize stress and save time. Could you imagine your Auntie Mabel, Sister Sarah, Cousin Kesha, or even Grandma Jo, and let’s not forget, you, The Blushing Bride, driving around like a NASCAR Driver, to and from the salon AND making it back to your venue in time? Is it worth the risk or worth the investment? You deserve to have the best for your Wedding Day. Be sure to have your Hair Stylist right there at your prep area, venue, home or hotel, etc.,  so that you can look great, without having to shift a single gear! You deserve it, Gorgeous!

Happy Nuptials!