Hey y’all! January 30th marks the first day of my new adventure for the next chapter in my life & career! I am thankful for all of the awesome friends, family, clients, team mates, associates, colleagues, and supporters whom I’ve known & encountered over the years. Every experience has fueled my ability to step out confidently and courageously on faith, fully equipped to explore the new Frontier!! I hope to inspire others who wish to explore new opportunities. Thank you for sharing this moment with me! I appreciate your love and support! www.creativehairartist.com


DIY installation

Unless they are Clip-Ins, you shouldn’t try to install your own hair extensions. Even stylists need to trade an installation service with fellow stylists. While it may look easy, there’s a lot more that goes into the installation of I-Tips, Fusion, andTape-Ins.Your stylist has invested a lot of time, money, and practice on perfecting their skill. Especially if they’ve gone the extra mile to become specifically Babe certified. Although it may look easy, here are a few reasons why your stylist is worth every penny.

Natural. When a hair extension job is done right, it’s impossible to notice that there are even hair extensions in your hair. Aside from the fact that Babe’s hair is made out of 100% human remy, your stylist will create a natural look that calls for proper blending of the hair. Blending the hair extensions is tricky because it has to be precise and requires sheers. Most horrible extension jobs are due to a lack of knowledge in knowing how and where to cut the hair.

On the clock. Most stylists will charge you for the time it takes them for the installation. Others will charge by the strand. Whatever the case may be, both systems require time. Could you imagine trying to install each strand yourself? You’ll be installing extensions for what seems like forever. We know it’s a lengthy process but your stylist does save you time.

Precision. A terrible hair extension job is especially noticeable when the placements of the strands are not where they are supposed to be. One of the first things your stylist has learned about extension installation is where on the head each strand should be placed. Each strand also consists of equal spacing. This will be especially hard to do on yourself, even if you are looking at the back of your head with a mirror. If placed too close to the top of the head you create a mullet look. If placed too far down, it looks like your hair has grown out. Another nightmare you don’t want to deal with is the matting caused by not being precise.

Have a certified stylist put all these worries to rest. If you need help finding a stylist or want to know more about becoming a certified stylist, let us know!

P.S. I am Certified in Babe Hair Extensions.

Mention this blog post for a complimentary consultation.Call or book online: 904-742-1183


Welcome Friends!

I’m pleased to share with you that I am now officially an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. As your consultant, we will work together to tailor a solid foundation with skin care, to suit your needs. “Women, Men & those with skin”, we can meet one-on-one or throw a fab party with friends, coworkers & family. Commitment free samples are available to try before you buy. Online, Phone and Email ordering is available. Complimentary shipping. Let me know how I can help you with any or all of your beauty needs. Order your favorite #MaryKay products conveniently from the comfort of your desk or from your mobile device. www.marykay.com/missdarlene Call, email darlene@beautybydarlene.com or text me. I’ve got you covered! 904-742-1183
Have you heard about the Steam Hydration Treatment?

This is a great service for adding much needed moisture to dry hair. 


Steaming the hair creates a humid environment, optimal for absorption of moisture, promoting growth, defining curls and adding volume.

So what are the benefits of using steam? Natural elements such as sun, wind, heat, etc. tend to dry out natural tresses. Steaming allows you to add moisture to your hair promoting moisture, length and growth. Think of your hair like a plant. When a plant does not receive any moisture and is dry it will become dull, brittle, break and eventually die because the roots are not receiving any moisture. The same concept should be applied to your hair.

    • Steaming helps to gently lift the cuticle for better penetration of ingredients. Conditioners and products are able to penetrate the hair more effectively.

    • Adding steam to your hair adds moisture. Whenever your hair has the proper moisture balance, you ward off dryness, brittleness, and breakage.

    • Steaming also enhances your natural curl pattern and promotes clumping without sacrificing volume. It also helps to use less heat when straightening hair because the steam makes it easier to flat iron the hair.

    • Using steam increases hair growth and diminishes the occurrence of dandruff because of the added moisture

    • SteamHydrationFacts


Greetings, Brides-To-Be!

I had the pleasure of attending the Ultimate Bridal Fantasy Fashion show Sunday, January 12. Spring is definitely in the air! The inspirational title for the show was “Something Blue – Under The Sea Bridal Fantasy”.

The accessories were the highlight of the show, from gorgeous adorned sashes to beautiful headpieces, each made by hand, by Beatrice Couture Designs http://www.beatricecouturedesigns.com/Absolutely breathtaking! The bridal gowns were provided by David’s Bridal, where they even featured pieces by Vera Wang. Dresses ranged from Traditional to Couture. There was even hand-painted looks by Amelia Scott, http://www.jacksonvilleweddingstyles.com/resources_home.cfm?Vendor=1930 an artist who painted shoes and dresses for the show.

For more pictures and info, visit this link: http://www.jacksonvilleweddingstyles.com/bridal_shows_details.cfm?Show=24


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Greetings Brides to Be:

Picture this… a church full of people, and it’s 3pm for a 2pm ceremony… but where is the bride? She is rushing to get ready… what happened?

Why have an “On-Location” Hair Stylist, right? Wouldn’t it just be easier to “just go to the salon”???


Here’s why you should consider having your Hair Stylist, come to your location…


Your Wedding Day is a Very Important Day; usually the most important day in your entire life, other than the day that you were born. There is a natural desire for things to run smoothly on your Special Day. Matter of fact, you want your Wedding Day to be PERFECT, and that’s just fine and dandy, because you are the Queen/Princess (and also the Ruler of the Universe) for the day. So, if you can have your hair done without having to “go anywhere” you should.  Have you ever used Rush Delivery? Upgraded a Hotel Room or Rental Car? “Bedazzled” something just because you knew you could? Think of it this way; you are making the Executive Decision to minimize stress and save time. Could you imagine your Auntie Mabel, Sister Sarah, Cousin Kesha, or even Grandma Jo, and let’s not forget, you, The Blushing Bride, driving around like a NASCAR Driver, to and from the salon AND making it back to your venue in time? Is it worth the risk or worth the investment? You deserve to have the best for your Wedding Day. Be sure to have your Hair Stylist right there at your prep area, venue, home or hotel, etc.,  so that you can look great, without having to shift a single gear! You deserve it, Gorgeous!

Happy Nuptials!


Hello Everyone!

Thank you for your patronage. My goal is to not only provide a quality Hair Service experience, but also to build a long-lasting Client-Stylist Relationship with you. I would like to let you know, as always I am here to serve you.  My goal is for you to be happy with your service and experience. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call, message or email me.

Are you pleased with your Hair Services? Do you enjoy yourself during the service? Did I do an awesome job at your wedding, event or photo shoot? Tell the world about your experience! I am always grateful for referrals and positive online reviews. Please take a few minutes of your time and review me on at least one link below.

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Support Breast Cancer Awareness: Wear Pink Hair! 
I ♥ being a part of this! 
Show your support!! Receive a Pink Hair for Hope Hair Extension with your $10 Donation to Pink Hair For Hope. Contact me at 904-742-1183 or darlene@beautybydarlene.com Program Ends November 30th!
The strands come in Regular Pink, Dark Pink, Purplish Pink and Fuchsia.  SoCapUSA keratin fusion strand that lasts for several months, depending on your hair growth and how you care for it.  I also make my own Light Pink and Fuchsia Clip ins, and I donate 100% of the proceeds to American Cancer Society.
Photos of the hair can be seen at:



For more info about the Pink Hair For Hope organization visit: 


Back by demand! “Beauty by Darlene” at Mosaic Salon Studios, would like to thank you for your patronage & interest by cordially inviting you to “Client Appreciation Day” Sunday September 9th from 10 am until 3pm. Treat/Pamper yourself & enjoy light refreshments, hors d’oevres, service & product promos, demos & complimentary consultations. A Licensed Massage Therapist will be onsite doing 15 minute chair massages also. If you’ve moved away from Jacksonville or can’t …make it, feel free to “send a friend” in instead. Please RSVP on FB or by calling 904-742-1183. No service/appointment/purchase necessary to attend. Clients, Potential Clients, Models, etc. are welcome. I can’t wait to see & cater to you! Don’t forget to “Like” & “Check In” on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/beautybydarlenesmith


Beauty by Darlene @ Mosaic Salon Studios

8613 Old Kings Rd. South, Bldg. 200

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stylishstylishstylistmissdarlene@hotmail.com (preferred)

Support Breast Cancer Awareness: Wear Pink Hair!

I ♥ being a part of this!
Show your support!! Receive a Pink Hair for Hope Hair Extension with your $10 Donation to Pink Hair For Hope. Contact me at 904-733-1611 or darlene@beautybydarlene.com
The strands come in Regular Pink, Dark Pink, Purplish Pink and Fuchsia.  SoCapUSA keratin fusion strand that lasts for several months, depending on your hair growth and how you care for it. I also make my own Light Pink and Fuchsia Clip ins, and I donate 100% of the proceeds to American Cancer Society.
Photos of the hair can be seen at:


For more info about the Pink Hair For Hope organization visit: